by Rachel & Matt

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Recorded live in Matt's dining room.


released June 7, 2012



all rights reserved


Rachel & Matt Springfield, Illinois

Rachel Rambach & Matt Combs bring a dynamic sound to the Springfield scene; their tight vocal harmonies are accompanied by acoustic guitar, keys, and upright bass. Supplementing their original music are covers in a range of styles.

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Track Name: With You
I can't describe the colors of morning
Watching the sun start to rise
I could try but the words would pale when compared
To the beauty above in the skies
The cool morning air on my face
It reminds me that I’m still alive
The melody the birds are singing
Puts my soul into drive

I can't describe the frost in the winter
Or the beauty of fallen snow
The landscape is bare and seems to be empty
But deep down inside it grows
I’ll be the match that ignites
And keeps your fire going strong
Through the cold winter I’ll stay, and we’ll wait
Knowing it won’t be long

With you I can be anything at all
It doesn’t matter how big or small
With you I know where I'm from
and where I belong
With you now even when words don’t come
I can always tell you in song
‘Cause with you is forever, and time marches on

I can't describe the feeling that grips me
Smelling the flowers that start to grow
I want to be the rose in the garden
For you, putting on a show
As I blossom and unfold
My beauty takes your breath away
The sweet, sweet scent pulls you in
Into my bouquet

I can't describe the colors of autumn
The way the maple tree glows
Or how beautiful your eyes as the sun sinks down
Another season comes and goes

Track Name: Ominous Sky
It’s getting darker by the second
The clouds are rolling in
And I’m standing right here waiting
For the storm to begin

I’ve got no place to go
There’s no shelter in sight
Funny how the world turns gray
Just when I thought things were alright

Ominous sky
You lie, you lie, you lie
Give me sunshine, take it away
Oh, why did I stay
Ominous sky (shoulda said goodbye)

I didn’t have no warning
The forecast went to hell
But I guess a little rain won’t hurt
After this long dry spell


Gray faded into black,
And I watched the sky attack
From up above,
Just like my heart was battered by love

Track Name: Pour Another Drink
Pour another drink my friend
And let's get straight to the point of no looking back
‘Cause crazy times call for drastic measure
And looks to me that we're both running out of track

I can't tell you what you want to hear
I've forgotten what to say
So let's drink till our problems they go away


If you’re drinking to forget
Please pay in advance
‘Cause it's hard to remember when I had the chance
And when it's late at night and the bar room is closing down
Well you'll find me without thought or care
Just rolling on the ground

Well life it is a wild ride
Bar room heroes sitting by my side
We may drink too much when we come around
But emptiness is hard to drown

‘Cause not much matters now
To tell the truth nothing matters to me
So serve us up just one more round
And we'll forget our worries ‘til 3


I'm not sure how we're getting home
I just know I don’t want to be alone
By that time I'll be so gone, you see
It won't matter what you do with me

Track Name: Staring Into the Sun
Green as the bluegrass on the rolling fields below
Rolls down to the streams in the valleys
Where the love still grows
Outside the darkness sets
It sinks into your soul
As you watch the night blossoms unfold

Sweet scent as the moon rises up
The cool breeze as it blows
Your eyes in the western skies
I guess I'll never know
The dark side, the holy side
Locked hand in hand to be my guide
As streams turn to rivers
And the rivers run deep and wide

You, staring into the sun
How beautiful your eyes are
Lit by the evening light
watching the day turn into night
Watching as I fade far from sight
Til the morning comes

You, you always knew I'd never stay
Like the birds in the morning
I have to up and fly away
Tomorrow you'll be the one    
To feel your soul set free
But tonight, the hurt won't let you be

It's war. I'm beat up, bruised, bloody and sore
Riding out a lifetime, I'm trying to ignore
These days seem endless memories
Of the man I used to be       
Somehow along way
I lost who I want to be


Yeah, tonight, the hurt won’t let you be
Yeah, tonight, the hurt won’t let you be

Yeah, tonight, the hurt won’t let me be
Track Name: Bell Tower
Bell tower ringing
ringing out to who knows where
Ringing out to call you back home
Were you lost without a prayer

Bell tower ringing
Ringing deep in the night
As you sit alone
Only lit by candle light

Are you far away
far away from where you should be
Far from the hills and the valleys
From that old sycamore tree
If you listen real close
You just might hear them too
Bell tower ringing out everywhere
And everywhere belongs to you

Bell tower ringing
Ringing at dawn
Ringing out the glory of the sun
Or when a child is born

Bell tower ringing
Ringing In the end
Sending you along your way
Only to start again

Are you far away
Far away from where you want to be
Far from the streets that you loved
Nights you hold dear in your memory
If you listen real close they'll come calling back to you
Bell tower ringing out everywhere
And everywhere belongs to you

Give up tonight
Go running back home
Find your way to me
And you're never alone
Bell tower rings out in your soul
Rings out calling you home
Track Name: Maple Grove
Inspiration comes in all shapes and size
Just look around, it’s everywhere
Caught me by surprise
From the city streets to the weeping willow's silhouette at sunrise

Life is too busy for most of us to see
Thank the lord for those who give sight to the unseen
The water lies still
And you call to me, it's then I realize
That I don't always have to look with my eyes

I want to go to a place
Where I can't see the forest through the trees
It's there I'll find that I can still believe in this old crazy world
Oh boy

Yes, I want to believe.

Close your eyes, feel sense all around
Maple Grove in autumn, leaves are falling to the ground
Don’t need to see the colors or feel the breeze
All you have to do is believe
In others, like me.


Yes, let's both believe

Inspiration can't be too much further ahead
On the right by an old creek bed

And don't you worry, we won't lose our way
Close your eyes and let Maple Grove take you away


Yes, I want to believe
Oh boy,
Let’s both believe
Track Name: Sea of Blue
You don’t know what you do to me baby
When you stare me down like that
It’s like a sea of blue washing over me
Every time I get knocked down flat

Rushing water can’t compare
To the current that I feel
Running between us, day and night
With every glance that I steal

Ooh, ooh, sea of blue
I wanna dive right in and swim in your love
And be warmed by the arms of you
So baby pull me under, don’t let me go
Ooh, ooh, sea of blue

You don’t know how you make me feel baby
With every piercing look
You’ve got a hell of a way about you
Wasn’t long before I was hooked

Rushing water can’t compare
To the current that I feel
Running between us, day and night
With every glance that I steal


Ooh, ooh, sea of blue
Wash over me, now now
Ooh, ooh, sea of blue

Track Name: Sinner & Saint
You present well to the world
Everything that is true
Goodness, family, love, understanding a
All the things you do

You make kindness have new meaning to me
You know just what it takes
And you wrap me up ‘til day breaks

I’m not as special as you think I am
Been down some hell holes a time or two
And if you’re looking that's probably where you’ll find me
I've tried to repent for you

But I can't get past those days
Of youth and ignorance
So please just try to convince me
Please don’t tell me what to do
And I’ll be good for you

Sinner and saint
We walk hand in hand
You see how the world is blessed
And I express the bad

Sinner and saint
You forgive me for what I do
And I never realize just what I put you through
We make quite a perplexing pair, we do
Well sinner and saint
I'm gonna start praying for you

Sunday morning, you’re up, doing what's best
I’m just coming down, trying to get my rest
Another wild Saturday night on the town
While you were home, holding the fort down

Somehow you manage
To look on past my sinful ways
And you know I think you’re great in everything you do
Maybe I'll settle down, pull up a pew next you